Police Activity; Saturday February 18, 2017


12:27 pm – Non-injury crash; Pasque Court.

3:24 pm – Complaint of shots on Cubbage Road. Officers made contact and found safe, legal target practice at a neighbor’s residence. No violation.

4:02 pm – Pedestrian crossing closed bridge on Smothers Road. Workers shouted to stop but stated he would not. Officers contacted the subject. Advised he would be charged if it happened again.

4:37 pm – Non-injury hit/skip crash; SR3 & Minerva Lake Road. Driver who left the scene was located and charged. Male driver, age 23.

Other Saturday; 1 open door found, 1 theft (by deception), 2 parking complaints, 1 missing adult (located), 1 false alarm, 1 threats, 1 lockout.

Sunday (early morning hours only)

12:18 am – Hit-skip crash; SR161 & SR3. BTPD Officer on patrol heard a very loud vehicle crash occur out of his line of sight and responded to the scene. Evidence found of a significant crash. Damaged road sign, freshly torn off car bumper on the ground, etc. One vehicle found nearby a short time later abandoned and inoperable with heavy damage at SR3 & Minerva Lake (matched the missing bumper). Driver had fled the scene. Under investigation.

2:17 am – Male subject at Sunbury Plaza asked Officers to be transported to a care facility. Transported.

Other Sunday morning; 1 domestic violence.