Police Activity; February 24-25-26, 2017


10 am – Westerville City Schools (Elementary schools) lockdown drill.

5:03 pm – Trespassers on private property on East Walnut Street. Advised to leave.

5:43 pm – Report of a person in the area of East Walnut Street. Area checked, not located.

9:37 pm – Customer refusing to leave a bar at Glengary Center. Eventually left making threats. Damage to building found shortly after.

Other Friday’ 1 motorist assist (flat tire), 1 lockout, 1 medical issue, assist other agency (CPD), 1 telecommunications harassment, 1 motorist assist (tow), 1 parking complaint.


12:13 am – Male & female parked at Hoover Dam smoking marijuana. Marijuana impounded, both charged. Both age 21.

12:42 am – More damage reported at the bar at Glengary Center.

9:30 am – Tire tracks found at Ridgewood Park from overnight.

2:48 pm – Assist Columbus Police. Body found in the creek near Iron Pony on Westerville Road.

8:10 pm – Report of juveniles throwing tomatoes at a house on Madrid Drive.

8:31 pm – Report of someone ringing the door bell and running away on Thrasher Loop. Area checked, nothing located.

9:14 pm – OVI arrest; SR3 & SR161. Male driver, age 55.

Other Saturday: 1 protection order violation, 1 parking complaint, 1 medical issue.


12:23 am – Report of a possible drunk driver at I-270 & SR161. Driver stopped, not intoxicated.

3:23 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury Plaza.

8:48 pm – Report of a possible drunk driver on Westerville Road. Vehicle located. No violation.

9:06 pm – Adults playing Pokémon in Ridgewood Park. Advised that the park is closed at dark.

Other Sunday; 1 garage and trunk found open 2:43 am (accidental by owner), 1 lockout.

Monday (early morning hours only)

12:33 am – Barking dog complaint on Hempstead Road. Dog went inside.

Other Monday morning; 1 open door found.

1:13 am – Vehicle crashed into hydrant at Sunbury & Valley Quail South. Fire Dept. and the water company responded to repair hydrant.  Male driver, age 22, arrested for OVI.

3:35 am – Report of a suspicious person/vehicle at a closed business on Morse Road. Area checked, not located.

6:30 am - Report of a suspicious person/vehicle at a closed business on Morse Road. Area checked, not located.