Police Activity; Mon-Thurs, Jan 30-Feb 2, 2017


8:00am - Sunbury/Executive; injury crash.

10:12am - Senior Center; reported odor of gas.  Columbia Gas responded, all clear.

11:13am - Sunbury Plaza; non-injury crash.

5:28pm - Scissortail; parking complaint.  Advised.

7:37pm - Buenos Aires; vehicle with trunk left open.  Owner advised, accidental.

8:34pm - Sunbury Plaza; reported theft.  Detective notified, investigation continues.

OTHER:  2 911 hang ups, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 vehicle lockout.



7:58am - Morse Rd; injury crash.

10:12am - Stockholm; parking complaint of unsightly vehicle.

12:29pm - Westerville Rd.; private-property non-injury crash.

3:06pm - Saddle Ln; parking complaint.  Warning sticker.

12:22am - Sunbury/SR 161; subject charged for possession of marijuana out of a traffic stop.

OTHER:  1 wellbeing check, 1 mutual aid assist, 1 false alarm, 1 open door.



8:02am - 270 s/b ramp to SR 161; injury crash.

5:56pm - 270/SR3; cat lady.  Gone on arrival.

6:51pm - Copenhagen Dr.; solicitor-unable to locate.

8:25pm - Sunbury Plaza; witness saw a minor crash on the lot and confronted the driver who gave false information and left the scene.  Thanks to the information from the witness, officers were able to locate the responsible party, who was arrested for OVI and Hit-skip (female, age 66).

10:18pm - Executive Pkwy; reported vandalism to a glass-panel door with a tree limb. 

2:24pm - Bogota Dr.; suspicious vehicle reported as occupied.  Officers found the vehicle legally parked and unoccupied.

5:19am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; officers gave a courtesy transport to a subject who ran out of gas.

OTHER:  1 juvenile complaint.



7:34am - Arnett/Vickers; juveniles reportedly throwing rocks at cars.  No damage noted, nothing observed.  Advised. 

10:44am - Harbin Ct; reported hit-skip crash. Investigation continues.

7:20pm - Executive Pkwy; UPDATE:  officers identified and charged a suspect with Criminal Damaging from the reported vandalism on Wed, 2/1.  (male, age 29)

OTHER:  4 false alarms, 1 domestic complaint, 1 vehicle lockout, 1 wellbeing check, 1 911 hang up, 1 mutual aid assist.