Police Activity; Thursday March 2, 2017

9:07 am – Child locked in a car at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Officer gained entry.

12:32 pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & I-270. Driver transported to McDonald’s Sunbury Plaza. Said his girlfriend would pick him up.

3:32 pm – Driver (age 43) from earlier crash (car totaled and towed) could not find anyone to come and pick him up at Sunbury Plaza, so he started drinking beer in the parking lot. Multiple callers reported this to police dispatch. Officers returned to the scene and were able to contact his mother (out of state). Mom said to take him to a hotel and she would be able to help him tomorrow. Officer gave him a ride to a hotel in Columbus.

11:23 pm – Injury crash; I-270 & SR161.

Other Thursday; 1 lost wallet reported, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 traffic complaint, 1 theft (internal), 2 parking complaints, 1 roommate dispute, 1 domestic violence (with arrest).