No Shots Fired. Wednesday March 8, 2017

Reports of shots fired near the intersection of Dempsey Road & Cairo Road are not accurate.  NO SHOTS FIRED. Repeat; NO SHOTS FIRED. At approximately 5:15 pm today at a residence near the intersection of Dempsey Road and Cairo Road, Blendon Township Police Officers and Columbus Police Narcotics Officers and Tactical Team, served search and arrest warrants. No shots were fired and no persons or animals were injured. The loud bangs that were heard by neighbors were “Flash Bangs”. These are non-fragmentation stun grenades that give off a bright light and very loud concussion that temporarily disorient persons and animals. Three persons and three animals (2 pit bulls) were taken into custody and all are unharmed. No Officers were injured. No Officers and no suspects discharged any firearms. Columbus Fire Department tactical medics were part of the operation in case of injuries. Detectives remain on the scene and are processing evidence. The investigation is ongoing. Chief Belford