Police Activity; 4/5-4/12/17

Due to vacations and an uptick in activity/calls, we fell a little behind.  This should catch you up...


8:34am - 3400 blk of Paris Blvd; officers identified two homeless subjects living in a van.  No criminal activity. 

12:19pm - SR 3/Minerva Lake Rd.; injury crash.

12:38pm - 6000 blk of Paris Blvd N.; vehicle parked for extended period, tagged.

1:34pm - Sunbury Plaza/Executive Pkwy; non-injury crash.

3:25pm - Hoover Dam; dog in a vehicle with windows down.  Found to have water, too. 

5:28pm - SR 3/Paris; officers checked the traffic signal for a reported malfunction.  Light was operating fine, believed to be a back up from earlier crash at SR 3/Minerva Lake.

6:30pm - Minerva Lake Rd.; suspicious person at residence when homeowner was not home. Officers identified the son of the homeowner, all ok.

6:30pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; reported call of panhandler.  Officers arrived and identified a male, age 29, with active warrants for his arrest.  Transported to jail.

6:34pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; non-injury hit-skip crash.

9:06pm - Dempsey Rd.; suspicious persons parked in the back of a parking lot.  Officers located a young couple talking, no crime committed. 

2:15am - 6000 blk of SR 3; officers witnessed an act of Domestic Violence while patrolling the parking lot.  Male, age 42 arrested and transported to jail. 

OTHER:  2 custody exchanges, 1 911 hang up, 1 lockout, 1 false alarm.



7:27am - Hunt Club; suspicious vehicle, green Honda with three occupants.  Gone on arrival.

9:34am - Kilbourne Ave; suspicious vehicle with windows broken out.  Verified it was not stolen, attempted to contact owner. 

9:44am - SR 161/Sunbury; non injury crash.

10:50am - Varadero; vehicle without tags parked on roadway, tagged.

10:58am - Varadero; parking complaint.  Owner advised.

11:25am - SR 161/I270; officers assisted changing a flat tire.

11:45am - Karikal Dr.; homeowner requested assistance with furnace.  On arrival, officers detected smoke and turned the scene over to Westerville Fire Dept. 

3:49pm - SR 161/Strawberry Farms; injury crash.

8:16pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; employee of business saw a vehicle inside a secured fence.  Officers arrived along with other employees and were unable to locate the vehicle or any signs of security breech.

8:25pm - SR 3 southbound from I270; caller reported an impaired driver and followed them.  FCSO deputy was first to locate the vehicle and arrest a female, age 21 for OVI.  BTPD officers assisted.

6:02am - I270/SR 3; disabled vehicle pushed to the shoulder to await AAA. 

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 well being check.



7:00am - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; non-injury crash.

7:39am - 5000 blk of SR 3; injury crash.

9:30am - 6000 blk of SR 3; caller saw people in the back of a moving truck and believed it to be human trafficking related.  Officers were at scene when call received, no one was in the truck.

11:12am - Dempsey/Paris N; green vehicle blocking the roadway.  Gone on arrival.

11:34am - Central College/Cubbage; grey car with driver slumped over the wheel.  Gone on arrival.

4:35pm - Corporate/SR 3; non-injury crash.

6:08pm - Brooklyn Rd.; a reported hit-skip crash in Columbus lead to a search for an intoxicated female, last seen in Blendon Twp.  CPD located the woman, age 26, who was arrested for OVI.  Other party from the original crash refused a report. 

6:00pm - Woodthrush; several vehicles hadn't been moved in a while.  Owners contacted and advised.

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 custody exchange.



11:47am - 4000 blk of E. Walnut St.; gas leak.  Construction crew struck line inadvertently.  Turned over to WFD and Columbia Gas.

12:58pm - SR 161/Sunbury Rd.; injury crash.

3:38pm - Natalie Ct. N; drain blockage.  Street department advised.

8:24pm - Executive Pkwy; loud music from an apartment.  Resident advised.

10:18pm - Spohn Dr.; barking dog.  Homeowner not home. 

11:45pm - Santiago Dr.; unknown person knocked on the door and fled.  Area checked.

12:00am - Highbrook Ct.; noise complaint.  No answer on arrival.

12:26am - SR 161/Buenos Aires; male age 28 was charged with drug paraphernalia and open container. 

1:00am - Hoover Dam;  officers contacted subjects in the park after hours.  Another open container citation. 

3:37am - Executive Pkwy; noise complaint.  Unable to locate source.

OTHER:  1 custody exchange, 2 mutual aid assist, 1 well being check.



7:52am - 6800 Lee Rd.; injured deer.

10:03am - Carthage Ct; vehicle left running in driveway was stolen. 

11:48am - Carthage Ct.; owner of above vehicle noticed a suspicious subject in the area after Police left.  Owner also found the stolen vehicle on Triton Ct.  Subject was identified and confessed to taking the vehicle.  Male, age 20 arrested and booked in jail.  Great job to the vehicle owner, who acted on his suspicions by calling police and Officers Nance and Hensley!   

3:22pm - SR 161/Sunbury; box fell off a truck.  Roadway clear. 

4:10pm - Dempsey/Batavia; report of a motorcycle speeding. Unable to locate.

4:16pm - Ridgewood Park; female smoking in the park.  Gone on arrival.

5:41pm - Sunbury Plaza; dog in a vehicle.  Windows cracked, owner advised.

8:38pm - 6000 blk of Lee Rd.; a vehicle got stuck off-road and caught on fire.  No foul play suspected, no injuries.  Juveniles identified and turned over to parents. 

9:00pm - Bitterroot Dr.; unwanted subjects attempted to contact former resident.  Advised.

5:39am - SR 161/I270; reported deer in the roadway.  Unable to locate.

6:11am - I270/SR 3; injury crash.

OTHER:  1 lockout, 1 false alarm, 1 juvenile complaint.


MONDAY, 4/10

9:42am - Dahlgreen; reported theft.  

12:23pm - VQBN; vehicle parked for extended time.  Owner advised.

12:23pm - Makassar; Reported theft.

4:53pm - SR 161/I270; non-injury hit-skip crash.

5:02pm - 4000 blk of Cleveland Ave; damage to window of business. 

5:18pm - 6000 blk of Sunbury Rd.; non-injury crash.

8:52pm - Madrid/Paris; reported fireworks.  Area checked.  Eventually determined to be from lot of Iron Pony. 

9:20pm - Spohn Dr.; barking dog.  Owner advised.

9:47pm - Sunbury Rd; blind subject walking in roadway.  Unable to locate.

OTHER:  1 lockout, 1 juvenile complaint (runaway-later located), 1 juvenile complaint, 1 mutual aid assist, 1 domestic complaint, 2 false alarms.



10:20am - 2900 blk of Morse Rd; found property in a rental vehicle.  Impounded.

3:05pm - BTPD; report of identity theft.

3:38pm - Buenos Aires Blvd; parking complaint.  No violation observed.

5:32pm - Sunbury Rd/SR 161; assist with disabled vehicle.

6:26pm - Paris/Varadero; solicitor advised of permit.

8:26pm - SR 161/SR 3; assist with disabled vehicle.

10:03pm - Ridgewood Park; officers found subjects playing Pokémon after hours.  Advised.

OTHER:  1 domestic complaint, 1 false alarm, 2 juvenile complaints, 2 mutual aid assist.



7:19am - Dempsey/Winfree; elderly female walking in the area was given a courtesy ride to the Senior Center.

8:38am - Buenos Aires; parking complaint.  Advised.

9:37am - Sunbury Plaza; shoplifting in progress.  Officers located and identified subjects attempting to leave.  Determined to have not taken merchandise, but one subject had a warrant for his arrest and was taken to jail.

2:12pm - 5000 blk of SR3; fraudulent checks cashed at a business.  Investigation pending. 

5:13pm - Paris/SR 3; reported assault and damaged property by known subject.

5:37pm - Sunbury/SR 161; two non-injury crashes.

OTHER: 1 false alarm, 1 found property, 1 lockout, 2 custody disputes, 1 well being check, 1 custody exchange, 1 open door.