Police Activity; Mon-Wed 17-19 April 2017


8:17 am – Caller states that he met two male subjects at Speedway (Morse & SR3). Caller states that he went to another location with the subjects where the caller passed out. When the caller awoke, his vehicle had been stolen. Caller had outstanding arrest warrants. Caller transported to jail.

9:42 am – BTPD Officers made contact with a male subject walking down Minerva Avenue carrying a shotgun. Subject stated that a male, black subject with dreadlock hair tried to rob him nearby (with the shotgun) and that he struck and disarmed the assailant and now wants to report a robbery attempt. Shotgun impounded as evidence. Under investigation.

5:23 pm – Non-injury crash; Dempsey & SR3.

6:45 pm – Armed male subject at Glengary Center making threats to kill himself. Talked into surrendering his weapon and into agreeing to be transported to a treatment facility.

8:02 pm – Non-injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

Other Monday; 1 domestic dispute.


12:09 am – Jogger in Hoover Dam Park. Advised that the park is closed.

11:40 am – Motorcycle crashed on Westerville Road. Rider brandished a firearm then fled on foot. Located. Firearm recovered. Case turned over to CPD. Crash occurred on their section of the roadway.

1:41 pm – Resident in Huber Ridge heard noises of a possible intruder. Residence checked, no evidence of an intruder was found.

2:32 pm – Burglary reported to an apartment on Woodvale Court. Door forced open. Items stolen.

4:01 – Customer dispute at a business on Westerville Road.

4:16 pm – Damage to a yard on Hightop Drive. Possibly caused by trash truck. Under investigation.

5:08 pm – Injury crash (roll over); Dempsey and Carthage. Male driver (age 47) fled on foot. Officers located the driver hiding behind church. Arrested for leaving the scene, possession of marijuana and 8 outstanding traffic warrants.

5:39 pm – Injury crash; Dempsey & Hempstead.

6:11 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

6:46 pm – Report of firewood stolen from a house on Smothers Road.

Other Tuesday; 1 assist other agency (MPPD felony arrest), 2 domestic disputes, 1 littering complaint, 1 parking complaint, 1 missing adult.


12:55 am – Report of a suspicious vehicle driving slow near Rangoon & Cairo. BTPD stopped vehicle, impounded marijuana, no other violations.

12:18 pm – Resident on Executive Parkway stated that her dresser was knocked over by someone. No forced entry. Determined that it most likely fell on its own due to top-heavy load.

12:39 pm – Injury crash; Sunbury & SR161.

1:42 pm – Barking dog complaint on Natalie Court. Owner advised.

9:13 pm Report of a suspicious male subject on a bike on Karikal Drive. Area checked, not located.

Other Wednesday; 1 well-being check,  1 traffic complaint, 1 false alarm, 1 lockout, 1 noise complaint, 1 domestic violence (arrest), 1 parking complaint (owner contacted, car moved).