Weekend Police Activity; April 14-15-16 2017


11 am – Vandalism to a vehicle on Claridon Road.

11:52 am – Non-injury crash; SRT3 & Dempsey Road.

3:39 pm – Report of a suspicious vehicle on Canberra Court. Area checked, not located.

4:39 pm – Carnation & Bluebonnet; Male child bit by a Rottweiler dog which was being walked by a juvenile. Animal Control investigating.

5:27 pm – Report of a possible impaired driver at Sunbury Plaza. Checked, not impaired.

6:16 pm – Injury crash; SR161 & Buenos Aires Blvd.

7:08 – Non-injury crash; Stockholm Road.

7:15 pm – Report of shots or fireworks heard in Sunbury Woods. Believed to be coming from Westerville.

8:23 pm – Items stolen from a vehicle on Kilbourne Avenue.

9:59 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & I-270.

Other Friday; 3 parking complaints, 1 social media threat, 1 custody dispute, 1 traffic complaint, 2 false alarms, 1 loud music complaint, 1 neighbor dispute, 1 lockout, 1 juvenile complaint, 1 missing teen.


12:27 pm - Suspicious male subject at a business on Morse Road. Located and checked. No violation.

1:23 pm – Suspicious male subjects at Paris & Saigon. Subjects broke a bottle in the street. Located. One subject (age 19) was arrested on outstanding drug warrants and transported to jail.

7:22 pm – Non-injury crash; SR3 & Dempsey Rd.

7:33 pm – Report of a loud motorcycle on Natalie Court. Area checked, checked, not located.

Other Saturday; 1 false alarm, 1 traffic complaint, 1 missing teen returned, 2 lockouts, 1 motorist assist, 1 assist other agency (BAC), 1 domestic dispute.


9:38 am – Report of a broken window on Paris Blvd. Determined lawn mower launched a projectile.

2:08 pm – Shoplifter; Sunbury Plaza.

2:31 pm – SR161 & Sunbury; Hood flew up and smashed vehicle windshield. Vehicle not driveable. Courtesy transport.

3:38 pm – Teen girls fighting at the church parking lot on Paris Blvd. Combatants gone on arrival. Spectators said that the fight was pre-arranged and advertised on social media. Fighters identified. Parents being contacted.

7:17 pm – Windows damaged at a house on Abington Road.

8:34 pm – Assist CPD searching for a calf running loose at I-270 & Cleveland Ave.

Other Sunday; 1 medical issue, 3 false alarms, 1 medical issue, 1 domestic dispute, 1 threats (warrant filed), 1 loud music complaint.

Monday (early morning hours only)

12:35 am – FCSO stopped a car on Morse Road. Driver fled on foot. BTPD assisted in the search. Not located.