Ohio awards LIDAR unit to Blendon Township Police Department

Last month, the State of Ohio, Department of Public Safety awarded a LASER speed measuring device (LIDAR) to the Blendon Township Police Department. Now, the State has awarded us LIDARs and RADARs and cruiser cameras in the past, but this one is my favorite. In the past, through the outstanding efforts of Sergeant Branch Wayt, and followed by Sergeant Erick Moynihan, and our hardworking Officers, our department was always in the running for these awards. Annual programs like “Click it or Ticket”, and DUI (later called OVI) blitz periods, have been our way of winning free equipment from the State. The State watches what the various police departments do, and they award this equipment, based on enthusiasm, professionalism, productivity, creativity and public feedback. For our size department, we have always been at or near the top of the competition. The reason that this particular LIDAR is my favorite is because there was not even a contest. No program. No blitz period. The State had an extra unit and so it was decided to award it to a police department based on reputation and past performance alone. The man in charge of the program said based on that, the first department he thought of was the Blendon Township Police Department. I could not be more proud of the Officers and the staff here at BTPD. And it looks like the Ohio Department of Public Safety…is pretty darn proud of us too!  Chief Belford