Police Activity; Friday-Tues, May 26-30, 2017


10:36am - Glengary Center; suspicious vehicle parked for extended period of time.  Verified it was not reported stolen. 

6:27pm - Sunbury Plaza; group of subjects passing fake currency.  Investigation continues.

6:48pm - Clybourne Ave; dirtbike complaint.  Operator advised of trespassing.

8:59pm - SR 161; New Albany Police arrested a male subject, age 23 on a felony Robbery warrant out of Blendon Twp.  Subject allegedly assaulted a loss prevention worker when stopped for shoplifting earlier this year.  BTPD officers took custody and transported him to jail. 

OTHER:  1 civil standby, 1 false alarm.



12:02pm - Paris Blvd N; non-injury crash.

12:56pm - Clybourne Ave; reported assault and damage to property.  Summons issued to female, age 21. 

12:28am - Hoover Dam; subjects found to be drinking in the park.  Alcohol destroyed, and advised.

1:49am - Cairo Rd./Saigon Rd.; intoxicated subject located and given a courtesy ride home. 

2:50am - Sunbury Rd; intoxicated subject located and given a courtesy ride home.

3:08am - Schrock Rd.; BTPD officer flagged down about a possible domestic, Westerville PD took over the scene. 

6:29am - 6000 blk of SR 3; subject begging for money at a business.  Gone on arrival.

OTHER:  2 mutual aid assist (breath tests).



8:10am - Executive Pkwy; fake money matching that which was recovered in Sunbury Plaza on Friday.  Detective investigating. 

10:15am - I270/SR3; turtle blocking the on ramp.  Gone on arrival.

10:33am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd; theft of scratch-off lottery tickets.

2:08pm - Sunbury Plaza; group with fake bills attempted to pass another but were turned away.  Gone on arrival.  Investigation continues.

2:32pm - Sunbury Woods; reported drug overdose, subject revived with CPR (civilians) and Narcan (police) and transported in stable condition.  Investigation continues.

7:45pm - Kilbourne/Cleveland Ave; non-injury crash.

8:56pm - Caracas Dr; reported burglary.  Investigation continues.

10:40pm - Goldfinch Dr.; intoxicated subject knocking on the wrong door.  Courtesy transport home. 

12:16am - Thrasher Loop; noise complaint.  Unable to locate.

OTHER:  1 animal complaint, 1 suicide attempt, 1 domestic dispute, 1 open door, 1 mutual aid assist, 1 neighbor dispute.



4:10pm - Officers were notified of a domestic situation in Westerville.  Turned scene over to WPD.

4:32pm - Hoover Dam; multiple reports of vehicles racing in the area.  Unable to locate.

6:01pm - Hoover Dam; parking complaint of vehicles blocking the boat ramps.

6:49pm - Sunbury Plaza; noise complaint from Jeep driving in area.  Unable to locate.

7:06pm - Dempsey/Hempstead; reported intoxicated driver.  Driver was found to be suffering from a medical condition and transported to the hospital.

OTHER:  4 fireworks complaints, 2 juvenile complaints.



8:59am - Sunbury Rd.; injury crash.

9:43am - Sunbury Plaza; more fake bills.  Investigation continues.

12:25pm - SR 161/I270; report of tree in roadway.  All lanes clear.

1:11pm - SR3/I270; non-injury crash.

OTHER:  1 suicide threat, 1 vehicle lockout.