Police Activity; Thurs-Sat, June 8-10


7:52am - SR 3/I270; non-injury crash.

9:55am - Kilbourne Ave; reported shots fired. Officers checked the area and found other residents stating it was fireworks.  No suspicious or criminal activity found.

11:57am - Manila/Makassar; report of speeding silver convertible.  Unable to locate.

12:46pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; reported theft from automobile.

3:10pm - SR3/I270; report of several deer blocking a ramp.  Gone on arrival.

5:15pm - Sunbury Plaza; suspected impaired driver was followed into the parking lot.  Officers contacted the driver, who was not impaired. 

7:25pm - SR3/Frenchpark; large tree branches removed from roadway.

8:38pm - I270/Cleveland; assist FCSO checking for disabled vehicle.  Gone on arrival.

9:52pm - 5900 blk of SR 3; customers locked in secured yard due to malfunctioning fence.  Officers assisted getting them out.

12:51am - Sunbury Plaza; officers contacted an intoxicated subject and gave a courtesy transport. 

5:57am - 6000 blk of SR 3; subject sleeping in his vehicle on private property.  Trespass warning given. 

OTHER:  1 911 hang-up, 1 false alarm, 1 open door.



7:27am - Harbin Dr; non-injury crash.

8:00am - Woodvale Ct.; suspicious persons in vehicle - found subjects waiting on rental office to open.

9:44am - Rangoon Dr.; report of hearing people climbing fences at 4:25am several days ago.  *Please call when activity is in progress*

10:37am - Yellowhammer Dr; overtime parking complaint.  Vehicle is legally parked with valid registration.  Vehicle tagged for follow-up. 

11:48am - SR 3/I270; non-injury crash.

1:16pm - SR 3, north of Old Dub-G'ville; non-injury crash.

2:06pm - 6000 blk of SR 3; found property impounded for safekeeping. 

6:20pm - Panama Dr; two females trying to break into a car.  Subjects were owner and friend, locked out.  Entry gained.

6:28pm - Makassar Dr; solicitors without permit.  Contacted and advised.

8:52pm - Brazzaville/Dakar E; storm sewer cover damaged.  Street Dept. notified.

9:08pm - Caracass Dr; suspicious persons and vehicle; officers found intoxicated subject trying to be coaxed into the vehicle by friends.  No criminal activity. 

9:27pm - 5000 blk of SR 3; during a traffic stop, a male age 22, was arrested for an outstanding misdemeanor OVI warrant out of New Albany.  NAPD took custody of subject.

9:31pm - 4700 blk of E. Walnut; suspicious persons; officers found known parties guarding property from a 2-day rummage sale.

9:46pm - Huber Elem; report of juveniles shot at (not struck) with airsoft/BB/pellet gun.  Investigation continues. 

12:39am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd.; Non-injury crash.

1:23am - Woodvale Ct; officers contacted an intoxicated subject and arranged for a sober ride.

4:20am - 3000 blk of Morse Rd.; private property hit-skip of vehicle involved in previous crash.

OTHER:  1 well-being check.



9:57am - SR 161/Buenos Aires; report of subject slumped over the wheel.  Officers found a female stranded and out of gas.  Assisted in getting her on the way.

12:09pm - Buenos Aires Blvd.; reported threat of property damage by known party.

5:54pm - 5000 blk of SR 3; male age 29, arrested for felony drug warrant out of Marion County.  Slated at jail.

6:46pm - 2900 blk of Morse Rd.; ongoing civil dispute between customer and business.

9:04pm - Sagebrush Ct; assist medics on a ill-person call. 

10:28pm - 6000 blk of Sunbury Rd.; reported impaired driver in white Ford Pickup.  Gone on arrival.

10:35pm - Glengary Center; report of 3 underage persons in a drinking establishment.  Family members of performer; were not consuming alcohol. 

10:49pm - Stockholm; loud music from party.  Advised.

11:23pm - E. Dub-G'ville Rd; loud music from party.  Advised.

11:33pm - Stockholm; loud music from party.  Advised, again. 

1:34am - Panama/Buenos Aires; stop sign spray-painted. Street Dept. advised.

OTHER:  1 false alarm, 1 well-being check, 2 domestic disputes.