Police Activity; Sun-Mon, June 11-12 2017


4:45 pm – Report of a road rage involving a firearm in Columbus. Registered owner of the suspect vehicle was listed as being in Huber Ridge. BTPD checked the address for CPD. Vehicle owner no longer lives there.

6:27 pm – Hit/skip non-injury crash on Mexico Ave. Suspect vehicle is a silver pick-up truck.

Other Sunday; 1 civil dispute, 2 custody disputes, 1 parking complaint, 1 threats, 2 assist other agency (BAC), 1 false alarm.


11:24 am – Report that a cell phone was missing from a vehicle that had been re-possessed by a used car business on Westerville Road.

4:45 pm – Report of parts stolen off of a vehicle at a business on Westerville Road.

5:40 pm – Non-injury crash; SR161 & Sunbury Road.

7:08 pm – Customer dispute at a business on Morse Road. Customer advised to leave.

Other Monday; 2 false alarms, 1 open door found, 2 assist fire department, 1 loud music complaint, 2 parking complaints, 1 adult missing person, 1 noise complaint, 1 domestic dispute.

Tuesday (early morning hours only)

12:36 am – BTPD Officer observed 3 juveniles hiding behind a tree in the area of Scissortail Loop & Valley Quail North. Released to parents.

Other Tuesday morning; 2 open doors found, 1 motorist assist (dead battery/jumper pack), 1 juvenile complaint, 1 assist other agency (backup on alarm call).