Police Activity; Thursday June 29, 2017

Thursday June 29

12:28 pm – Report of a suspicious male subject walking on Schott Road. Officer made contact and gave him a ride. No violation/no issues.

2:03 pm – Report of a power tool stolen from a shed on Vienna Drive.

3:40 pm – Report of an item stolen out of a vehicle overnight on Saigon Drive.

5:11 pm – Report of suspicious subject/vehicle on Copenhagen Drive. Marijuana impounded. No charges.

5:33 pm – Report of items stolen from a vehicle at a business on Morse Road.

5:50 pm - Report of a male subject exposing himself to a person on Paris Blvd on June 28 at approximately 7:30 pm. Suspect vehicle is a gray 2-door car.

8:22 pm – Injury crash; Executive Parkway.

Other Thursday; 4 false alarms, 1 parking complaint, 2 juvenile complaints, 1 medical issue, 1 fireworks complaint.

Friday (early morning hours only); 1 traffic complaint, 1 fireworks/shots heard (Columbus), 1 notification.