Weekend Police Activity; June 30 - July 2, 2017

Friday June 30

8:37 am – Two Pit Bulls at large in Huber Ridge. Finally cornered in a back yard on Makassar Drive. Unable to determine owner. Taken into custody by Animal Control.

10:45 am – Injury crash; Sunbury s/o Dempsey.

7:06 pm – Shoplifter at a business at Glengary Center. Gone on arrival.

7:48 pm – Report of a solicitor on Makassar. Area checked, not located.

10:03 pm – Report of shots or fireworks heard in the area of Clybourne Road. Area checked, not located.

Other Friday: 3 domestic disputes, 1 text threats.

Saturday July 1

12:25 am – Non-injury crash; Executive Parkway.

12:51 pm – Park rangers reported subjects taking large rocks from Hoover Dam Park. BTPD Officers stopped the subject vehicle on Sunbury Road. Rangers agreed to not press charges if rocks were returned. Rocks returned.

1:20 pm – Report of juvenile kayakers in distress on the water at Hoover Reservoir. BTPD and rangers responded. Ranger boat brought them to shore. No injuries. No safety equipment. Parents contacted.

5:24 pm – Injury crash; car struck a bicyclist on SR3 n/o Morse Road. Cyclist transported by medics.

Other Saturday; 1 parking complaint, 1 mailbox complaint, 1 medical issue, 1 lockout, 1 open door found, 1 false alarm.

Sunday July 2

11:24 pm – Report of a suspicious vehicle at Glengary Center. Not stolen, properly parked.

1:43 pm – Report of two intoxicated subjects refusing to leave a business on Morse Road. Gone on arrival.

1:57 pm – Subject dug up flowers without permission at a residence in Huber Ridge. Flowers re-planted.

1:59 pm – Report of a burglary to a residence on Manila Drive. Under investigation.

3:16 pm – Assault on Dakar Road East between known parties. Neither wanted to file charges.

4:13 pm – Report of a sick raccoon on Stockholm Road. Area checked, not located.

11:10 pm – Injury crash;

Other Sunday; 1 loud music complaint, 1 courtesy transport, 2 domestic disputes, 1 open trunk lid found, 1 lockout, 1 stand-by for property, 1 medical issue, 1 custody dispute, 2 false alarms, 1 stand-by for custody exchange, 1 juvenile issue.