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Trustees Pass Legislation Regulating Placement of of Unsolicited Written Materials

Resolution 2019-HR-01 prohibitz unsolicited written materials from being left on property in the Township except as otherwise permitted under this Resolution. The new law will take effect in 29 days.

No person shall deliver, place, or distribute unsolicited written materials to any premises other than in the following locations and manners:


  1. On a porch, if one exists, nearest the front door; or


  1. So that such materials are securely attached to the front door; or


  1. Through a mail slot on the front door of the principal structure, if one exists, as permitted by the United States Postal Service regulations; or


  1. Between the exterior front door, if one exists and is unlocked, and the interior front door; or


  1. Where permitted, in a distribution box located on or adjacent to the premises; or


  1. Securely attached to a hook or within some other receptacle used for the delivery of non-U.S. Mail packages or materials, attached to the mailbox post for the premises, if it exists; or


  1. Personally to the owner, occupant, and/or lessee of the premises.